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Learn A Different Point Of View With Digital Macro Photography

Whether you are an amateur photographer or you have been taking pictures for years, there are some techniques that make your photographs appear to be of a professional quality.  If you are able to utilize these techniques, the end result will be high-quality images that showcase your skill and ability.

What Is Digital Macro Photography?

Digital macro photography, or “photomacography,” is the art of taking digital photographs from very close to the object.  There are several objects that are commonly the subject of such photography, including bugs and flowers.  Digital macro photography gives the photographer the ability to portray a life-sized representation of an object within a four-by-six photograph. 

How Can I Take Macro Images?

If you want to take macro photographs, you have several options.  If you are a professional or advanced photographer, you most likely will want to use professional equipment intended for digital macro photography. 

There is certain equipment designed especially for digital macro photography.  Ring flashes, lens tube extenders, and special lenses are among this equipment.  Companies that are known for their macro lenses are Tokina, Sigma, and Tamron.  These lenses range in price; for example, the Sigma 70mm F/2.8 EX DG Macro Lens for Canon costs $384, while the Tamron SP 180mm f/3.5 Di LD (IF) 1:1 Macro Lens for Nikon costs $699.

If you are an amateur photographer and you are looking to achieve this effect, or if you simply don’t want to spend a lot of money, you will still be able to use digital macro photography without the special equipment.  Standard digital cameras come with the ability to be put into “macro mode,” which allows the camera to adjust its settings in order to achieve the best macro photograph. 

Essentially, what the camera does when it is put into “macro mode” is narrow its depth of field so that objects close to the digital camera will appear sharp, while background objects will appear blurry. 

Whether you are using special equipment or simply your own digital camera, it is essential that you use digital macro photography in brightly lit areas.  Lighting and flash use are often a problem when using digital macro photography because of the objects close proximity to the lens. 

Picture Perfect

Digital macro photography is one of the many techniques that can be used to achieve professional-looking photographs and can be done with relatively little money and experience.

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