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For the Truly Ambitious

If you are really confident in your photography skills, and you know that you can produce the kind of work that people will be willing to pay top dollar for, there are quite a few avenues you can pursue. For instance, you could become a wedding photographer, which gets paid very handsomely I might add.

pay very well, and so do newspapers. The bottom line is that if you can take really good photographs, and you?re sure they have a market, you should do anything in your power to make that dream of living off your art a reality.
While using the tips and tricks in this book, keep reading up on those forums and educate yourself as much as possible. Put ads in the newspaper and online, such as on Craigslist. Advertise your skills and tell people where to go online to see samples of your work.

On the microstock websites, really take care to make your photos look as professional as possible. Make sure you price them according to the parameters we set earlier. The only exception to that rule is if you think you can command a higher price, because sometimes that can come out in your favor.

When people see that a particular piece is priced higher than all the others, it can make them stop and wonder why that piece is as high as it is. What is it about that photo that?s different than all the others? This is one of the ways you cause hype, and that?s how you can sell more photos.

So, to recap, get a good camera, get out there and take some of the most beautiful, breathtaking photos you?ve ever taken and then find one of the many microstock sites out there. Or, if your photos are good enough, submit them to the stock photo sites. You never know what can happen.

Once your photos are up, price them accordingly and keep taking more photos. Keep adding photos to your profile. Even if you?re not selling, keep shooting and posting anyway.

Pay attention to those photos that are really selling and learn from them. Find out how to create those photos that have people demanding them. The knowledge is out there and people are using it to make lots of money doing what they love.
So get out there and do what you love. Be patient and be vigilant and soon you?ll be able to live off your art. Hurry, your audience is waiting.

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