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Posting Your Photos Online

When you post your photos online, you are essentially offering them forever. Whatever you sell, you give up the rights to. For some, that?s hard to do, especially if they are really in love with the photo they?ve taken.
For others, they consider they?re getting paid so the idea of losing the rights hurts that much less. That?s why they?re doing this, after all. They?re taking photos to make money.


The hardest decision you?re going to make when posting your photos on these microstock websites is how much to charge for each photo. There is no easy answer to this. How much you charge for your photos essentially relies on a few factors: 1) How long you?ve been a photographer. 2) How many photos you?ve sold. And 3) How good is the photo in question?

These are the questions people are going to ask themselves when they consider buying your photos. So you had better think about those answers when deciding on what to charge for each photo.
For instance, even if you took a photo that you?re completely proud of, if you are a beginner and you don?t have any sales credits to your name, customers likely won?t spend a lot of money on your collection.

On the other hand, if you keep at it, eventually your photos will get better and better and, because of your extra experience and sales, you?ll be able to charge much higher prices so that you can actually earn some good money.
So make sure you start small at first. Customers will be more willing to take a chance on you if your prices are very small. Just do your best, and always bring quality, so that you can change your prices to something more favorable later on.

Sell Your Photos!

If you want to become good at selling photos, you must study those who are successful. Most of these sites will allow you to investigate the photos that are most in demand, the ones that have sold the most, and the ones that are desperately needed. This information can give you the hints you need to know what to go out and shoot.

Your Target Audience

When you take a photo with the intent of selling it, sometimes it helps to picture your target audience. Those are the customers who buy your work. What do they typically look for? What sorts of images do they request or regularly buy? What angles do they prefer? What prices do they usually pay?
By knowing your target audience you?ll be better prepared to give them what they want and you?ll double your chances of making sales.

Some would say that tailoring your shots according to what the clients want takes away from the beauty and candidness that makes up the art of photography. But don?t newspaper and magazine reporters do that all the time? What about the Paparazzi? They?re all photographers who set out to make money with their photographs and they?re giving the consumers what they want.

And that?s exactly what you?re doing with these microstock websites. You?re providing a service. That service just happens to be something you?re skilled at creating. So they pay you accordingly. Get good enough and you?ll never have to go back to an office job again.

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