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You can really get ahead of the game if you seek out one of the microstock forums where experts and amateurs alike gather to share tips and tricks of the trade. These forums can not only be a great platform for advertising your art, but you can also learn a lot about the entire process so that you can improve over time.

These forums are also great places to ask about which sites are best for your time and money. You may find that a lot of members have had a problem with one of the sites paying on time. That?s helpful information for anyone looking for a microstock site to join so that they can begin their photo selling venture.

Who Buys Photos?

It?s important to think of yourself as the customer. Think about the industry he or she is in. Think of the photo they?d need for their…whatever. Understanding your customers? needs is the first step towards producing the quality work they?re willing to pay good money for.

Who needs photos? The majority of industries require photos for a number of reasons. Web designers need them for the websites they design for clients, businesses need them for marketing purposes and the media thrives on good photos to highlight news stories. The people who buy these photos want to ensure the photos they use are unique and original and so they pay money to ensure that?s the case. That?s where you come in.

Magazine editors obviously need photos. If you can sell a photo to a magazine, depending on how big it is, it can be a very nice payday. Capture that one candid shot that no other photographer can and you could find yourself holding a jackpot in your hands.

But the list goes on and on. Graphic artists, advertisers, affiliates, scrap bookers, teachers, lawyers, realtors, illustrators, chefs, travel agents, etc. etc.

The fact is, there will never cease to be a demand for good photos. Photos capture time in perfect clarity. They are the closest thing we have to a time machine. Advertisers and marketers know that the proper photos can create a bond with the customer and can make them feel more at ease about buying whatever they happen to be selling.
So you?re always going to be able to sell your photos as long as these sites exist.

Of course, there are other ways to make money selling your digital photos, but these require a little more legwork on your part.

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