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Comparing Traditional and Digital Photography

If you were to have a discussion on any topic and invite a number of individuals, chances are that for each individual represented you would have the same number of varied opinions on that topic.  For example, if you were to discuss the best place to live you would get a variety of answers and arguments as to why a person would select their particular choice.  Their answer could be based on economic figures that reflect higher pay or a simple way of life which may appeal to their rearing of a family or they may choose a certain locale’s that is noted for its natural beauty.

Other differences of opinion that may occur could surround discussions based on the best film ever produced, best actor or actress, best sport, best hobby, etc.

One of the best hobbies that may be indicated is the hobby of photography and even in this category there may arise a difference in opinion regarding traditional vs. digital photography.  One of the arguments between traditional vs. digital photography may include the ease of use and the ease of developing the picture.

Digital Camera Ease Of Use

When comparing traditional vs. digital photography one of the arguments may be the ease of use.  In utilizing a digital camera it is simply a matter of pointing and shooting.  The image is captured by the digital camera and imbedded on the memory stick contained within the digital camera. 

Also, using the easy viewing screen on the camera, the photographer can instantly see whether the picture is what they wanted or if it needs to be taken again.  In fact if the picture has movement or does not capture the image that the photographer wants, it is easy to delete the picture from the memory stick.

On the other hand the difference between traditional vs. digital photography makes the taking of pictures more difficult.  One of those time consuming tasks is the changing of film and installing a new roll.  Of course, the quality of the photo is greater than a digital camera.

Digital Photo Easy Development Process

The next comparison of ease between the traditional vs. digital photography is how the picture is developed.  The image on the memory stick can be downloaded onto software for easy viewing.  In addition, the digital photo can be printed out or saved in a file within the computer

With a traditional camera the film needs to be chemically developed in order for the image to be visualized.  This process not only takes time, but requires the added expense of utilizing a film developing service or purchase the chemicals needed to develop the film in an individual’s own dark room.

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